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Modeling, 1985

Lady of the Lake, 1985

Pooh Stevenson, Wanda Degen & Karrie Potter

Lady of the Lake, 1985

In the woods at Wheatland, early 1980's

with Kitty Donohoe & Pooh Stevenson

w/ parents, Raymond & Barbara Degen, 1953

Wanda & The Whippets, Traveler's Club, Okemos

daughter, Taia Degen-Repas

Michigan's Great Outdoors Culture Tour w/ Pete Wittig, 1998

Lady of the Lake - Pooh, Wanda & Karrie

18 years old, Lake Michigan, Montague, 1971

The Troublesome Lasses - w/ Kitty, Pooh & Tahmineh

Dan Giacobassi & Wanda

The Ark, Ann Arbor - The Troublesome Lasses & Lad (Doug Berch)

Wanda & the dolmen, Ireland, 1994

Carnaun School Athenry, w/ Sue Fahy, Ireland, 1994